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The Antivirus panel is greyed out, on the assumption that you've chosen to use this product alongside your preferred antivirus, perhaps AVG Anti Virus Free or Panda Free Antivirus.

By clicking Install, you can convert your installation into Check Point Zone Alarm Free Antivirus 2017. Zone Alarm hasn't changed appreciably since last year's release, which means it's still quite effective at fending off network-based attacks.

At the default Med (for medium) level, Zone Alarm screens some, but not all, programs.

I found that it detected my hand-coded browser's attempt at Internet access, but automatically allowed it access.

When I attacked my test system using 30-odd exploits generated by the CORE Impact penetration tool, Zone Alarm didn't react at all.

The attacks didn't penetrate security, as the test system was fully patched.

Raising the protection level to Max caused Zone Alarm to pop up the expected query, asking whether to allow Internet access by an unknown program. At this protection level, a behavior-based detection component called OSFirewall goes into high gear, reporting on a wide variety of activities that might be performed by malware, but could just as likely involve valid software.

I couldn't terminate its processes or interfere in any way with its Windows services; my attempt just hit an "Access denied" message.The product installs in a jiffy and goes to work right away.Its main window, featuring pale greys, greens, and blues, is dominated by three big panels labeled Antivirus, Firewall, and Identity & Data.You can connect through the network, but nothing on the network can connect back to you.In the Trusted Zone, security defaults to medium, making things like file and printer sharing possible.

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