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She is still upset about this incident in The Sucky Outdoors, staying behind her team as they walk to the woods.In Phobia Factor, Gwen admits her fear of being buried alive, due to her claustrophobia.

This episode marks the beginning of Gwen's long and complex rivalry with Heather.For her part of the challenge, she has to be buried alive for five minutes.To help her out, Trent tries to talk to her via a walkie-talkie, but Gwen is left alone after Trent faces his own fear of mimes.While writing in her diary, she is bothered by Cody, who displays stalker-like affection towards her, to the point of sniffing her hair.Her feelings for Trent are exploited when Heather steals and reads her diary in front of everyone, including the entire viewing audience, for the talent show.

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