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Omeros Corporation settled patent dispute, removing threat to Omidria.The company reported positive results for its lead drug candidate OMS721.Omidria was initially approved by the FDA in 2015 for treating cataract/intraocular lens surgery complications.The drug plays in a lucrative market as it is estimated that there over 24.5 million cataract patients in the US and nearly 2 million surgeries are performed every year.

For the second quarter of the year, the company reported .4 million in net loss, marginally higher than .6 million in net loss it had booked for the corresponding quarter of the previous year.The patent for Omidria is scheduled to expire in 2033 and until that date, Par will be responsible for paying 15 percent royalty on the net sale proceeds of its generic drug.This decision is of utmost importance for Omeros, since currently Omidria is its sole revenue generator and makes about mn annually.With the settlement of this case, the drug is expected to keep up its growth rate.While the company’s sole product is performing well and the pipeline is making substantial progress ahead, its financial numbers are also following the suit.

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