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If it hadn't been him, it would have been someone else.

Faced with a circle of demanding women, Terry's idea of coping is to do whatever they tell him to do. Dana Tan suffered from multiple personalities, which destroyed any threat she posed to Terry's resolve.

Batman is the man who challenges criminals too dangerous for anyone else. Wayne/Batman can always be trusted to choose the wrong woman. When he learned the truth, though, he was merciless.

If Terry is apprenticed to the most dangerous man on earth, it follows that he may be that man himself someday. The rest of the time he lets women walk all over him. Talia leads him into the desert, draws a weapon, and strands him there ("Avatar").

The teen scenes in particular produced an epidemic of Telling. Secondly, Telling siphons screentime from missing scenes the audience SHOULD have seen.

For example, Terry's speech in "Big Time" is well-constructed, but it's no substitute for a solid flashback.

The one who knows how has a job ; the one who knows why is the boss.

Let's look at some of the ways Terry has struggled in this category. A major weakness of the series was the fluctuation in storytelling techniques. One, it wastes time by recapitulating events the audience has already seen.

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Unfortunately Terry has not harnessed the authority of a Batman, which implies he has not grasped just what it is.

In spite of all the dialogue this was a Show episode.

Now compare this atmosphere to "Hooked up," "Last resort" or half a dozen other episodes which feature someone else and Terry/Batman tags along.

What made Original Dana a good choice, aside from her long history with Terry, was her family's attitude toward him. The heir to Wayne's fortune will be surrounded by hypocrites, syncophants and opportunists all his life. Fans sometimes refer to Big Time as Terry's Two-Face. Bigelow is a good reflection of what Terry would be today if Dana, Warren and Wayne hadn't worked so hard to change him. We do know Terry was already a notorious brawler back in seventh grade ("Last resort"). Unlike Two-Face, though, Bigelow has never cared about Terry.

When Terry tells their story ("Big Time"), the audience is supposed to feel sorry for Our Hero. My folks were breaking up and he and I were being angry kids. Then Charlie decided to prove himself to this big gang and he dragged me along on a heist.

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