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Mc Afee's Active Mail Protection suite was designed with enterprise-class management in mind.e PO (which is really more of a framework) let's you distribute Group Shield and Spam Killer to multiple Exchange servers and centrally manage policies, alerts, and reporting.(Pick up next month's issue of Windows IT Pro to discover this year's winners.) My lab consisted of two virtual machines—a domain controller (DC) and an Exchange server—on one dual-processor host system.I evaluated the products on the basis of their virus-scanning accuracy, spam- and content-filtering capabilities, and management functionality.The product uses a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) back-end and can be managed by remote consoles from anywhere on your network.Active Mail Protection came out on top for virus-scanning accuracy in my tests but took the second-longest time to deliver messages.Because many of the viruses I chose aren't currently common in the wild (and because performance differences on production servers will likely be less drastic than they were in my tests), I suggest you consider the product's virus-catching approach as only one aspect of the products' overall capabilities.

Some vendors, such as Mc Afee and Symantec, try to catch all viruses, regardless of threat level.

Therefore, I also sent a compressed or encoded copy of the Melissa virus, as well as a file compressed within a file to determine whether each product supported recursive archives; they all did.

(I didn't test encrypted files because encryption prevents the in-transit viewing upon which these products depend.) Table 2 lists the archive formats that each product was able to scan.

e Trust Antivirus scans only for viruses and performs no spam or content filtering.

CA offers two virus scanning engines—Vet and Inoculate IT—but e Trust Antivirus can scan with only one engine at a time.

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