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Double dildo bear action (I'm a boyish blond) in the back cab of an 18-wheeler with some trucker I picked up in THE GUTTER.The next day I picked the biggest Alpha-cootie I have ever seen off my junk and flushed it. There was so much sucking, jacking, fucking in the seats..piss play in the men's room. Those were the good ol' days when guys went out to have fun. Piss pig #1 (me) cums up piss pig #2's ass and--still coupled--I let loose about a gallon of yellow gold while I jack a load out of his dick.When a charming but only semi-attractive older guy invited me as his boy toy date to the most fairy-tale-fabulous private party I'd ever been to at the time.He was 40 and crazy about me, I was 24, lanky/twinky and willing to put out after the party in order to get into it.Unfortunately the experienced sucked (in a bad way): we went to a trashy nearby Days Inn where the whores rotated shifts, he was of course straight and refused to fuck, be fucked or suck me off, so all I did was suck him off (as a testament to my fellatio skills even as a novice, I did manage to get him rock hard), he got on top of me and grinded, we did some closed-mouth kissing, and he jerked me off. Needless to say, as soon as I was hard he backed into me and I slid into him. 10 minutes later he was back in the same position in front of the DJ booth, looking for another load.I came after 20 minutes, and while our original deal was for an hour (and I was expecting to cum a second time), he literally leapt out of the bed as I was still ejaculating and started getting dressed. The guys right next to me knew what was happening, but most others had no idea that while other were grooving to Crystal Waters and cruising others, I was fucking right there. Can't decide--eithera) Sucking off guys in the basement of the Triangle Denver during one of the notorious Sunday beer bust orgies, while my friends watched and a drunken black queen was loudly encouraging me "You suck it, GIRRRLLL!

It was a Friday night and the bar was packed, sweaty, and the men were horny. They--and eventually me too--were doing it on the bar, up against the wall, in the corner, on the floor, on the pool table, in the bathroom, in the tub, upstairs, downstairs every which way you could.I suppose it would be recently going on a date that ended up being bad, making eyes at a hot Latino dining alone a few tables over, dropping my "date" off at the subway stop, making a beeline back to the hot Latino, and subsequently fucking him all night at his hotel before he left back to LA the next morning.Sexually, I've done sluttier things, but this is one of the most brazenly whorish things I've ever done...No regrets: the scene was fantastic, I met some B-list stars (a thrill for me at the time) and hey, when it's 3am and the lights get dim, fellatio is fellatio.I even let him cuddle with me for an eternity afterward; it seemed transactionally fair and seemed to mean the drunken world to him at that moment. I was staggering home from the bars one night when I thought I would dip into the park to see if there was something going on. Before I knew it my pants were around my ankles, one mouth was attached to my cock, another to my balls, someone was dry humping me from behind, and someone else was kissing me.

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