Embarassing dating stories

At reception I told a young girl that I desperately needed to fit my suit which was a bit large and a few dress pants which were a bit large in length and the waist area, and that I would pay extra to have them by the next day.I could not understand her english very well, mainly because it too was my second language, but also because she spoke quickly and I sensed somewhat of an attitude.Although some glamour shots were sometimes seen in magazines, nudity was never seen on television or in newspapers, and male nudity was a complete taboo.I suppose in reflection that the fifties were a time of male domination even chauvinism.

It was a last-second thing so I really just googled any tailor in the area and went there.Unintentional Abuse Work Most Shameful: Life Sucks!Bad Luck Stories Funny Pics Free Image Hosting All About Cocktails Create Opinion Poll Drugs Encyclopedia Fickschwanz Adult Forum Nude Photo Sharing Solve Your Erection Problems Links Directory Archive by Month: 2012 August2012 July2012 June2012 May2012 April2012 March2012 February2012 January2011 December2011 November2011 October2011 September2011 August2011 July2011 June2011 May2011 April2011 March2011 February2011 January2010 December2010 November2010 October2010 September2010 August2010 July2010 June2010 May2010 April2010 March2010 February January 2010December 2009November 2009October 2009September 2009August 2009July 2009June 2009May 2009 Nothing sexier than a good pantsing.let me preface this story by saying that i've been told i'm handsome, but i have a pretty bad and flabby body that came as a result of an injury that i sustained over exerting myself lifting weights that has kept me out of the gym for over a year.i currently weigh about 200 lbs at 5'10" with only a slight bit of muscle, so when i take my shirt off my body looks like chewed up bubble gum slop. so i met this girl on a dating site and she agreed to meet me after much playful banter via messages and texts. the only problem was that her pictures were somewhat unflattering.

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    You must decide before you go on the date what your limits will be.

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