Computer shut off while updating iphone

This technique applies to every i Phone model, from the original to the latest version. That's because the Side button (formerly known as the sleep/wake button) has been re-assigned to activate Siri, Apple Pay, and the Emergency SOS feature.Note: If you wait too long to slide the button over, your phone will cancel the shutdown automatically. There are some instances in which the steps above just won't work, especially when your i Phone is locked up.This wipes the i Phone, reinstalls i OS, and then puts all your stuff back onto it, helping to rule out software problems as the random shutdown cause.You’ll need to use the i Phone for a while to determine if this has fixed the problem, many times this will resolve it completely and the i Phone will no longer randomly turn itself off.Sometimes this is just a matter of the i Phone battery indicator not updating properly, sometimes it’s software related, and sometimes it’s actually related to the battery hardware itself.For many users, simply draining the i Phone battery all the way down to 0% (not just to the point of shutting down, but actually letting it completely drain) and then charging it back to 100% is enough to get the random shut-off problem to resolve itself.Yeah i was updating my iphone software and the battery crapped out while it was doing it so when i got home i was just going to charge it and finish the update however it shows the apple for a few seconds and then goes to black and keeps doing this it won't turn on i dunno what to do i can't call anyone because it is my only phone suggestions please i'm starting to get worried that it might have gotten totally messed up. Sandy thanks for the answer but it didn't help it still shows the apple logo for a few seconds and fades to black Plug in your phone not in the computer but wall socket after you do that hold down your home button and the power button at the same time for about 15 sec.After that is done leave your iphone plugged in and update go to settings= general and look for software update click on that let run it's course hope this helps.

point to Apple’s new overnight update feature, which asks you if you want it to install the latest i Phone operating system while you sleep. What the update feature doesn’t tell you is that when it’s done installing the new system software in the middle of the night, it restarts the phone and switches off any alarms you had set on it.The update had worked brilliantly, but her alarm had been deactivated, causing her to be very late for work.The bug has become prevalent over the past week with the release of i OS 9.1, and it appears the only way to avoid losing your alarms is to update manually from the Settings app, rather than clicking “Install Tonight” when Apple pops up another annoying reminder.However, even though the phone conserves its battery life when it's sleeping, there may be circumstances when you want to completely turn off the i Phone.Turning your phone off is especially helpful if the battery is critically low but you know you'll need your phone later.

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