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On Twitter, he caused a frenzy when he came out as sexually fluid, undoubtedly increasing curiosity among the most casual of : Congrats on winning. Nyle Di Marco: I don't think I'll ever be able to describe how I feel about being the first deaf contestant ever to not only be on the show... What’s the most important thing Tyra taught you over the course of the series? The most important thing Tyra taught me was to stand your ground if you believe in something. I think her statement truly applies to my everyday life. Sure, I am dea​f​—but that does not mean anything at all because deaf people can do anything. " It was almost like looking at a little kid who barely knows anything. I’m here to prove that and I have been proving it my whole life. So, I can definitely say I am 100 times a better model than before the competition. I’ve been focused ​o​n my career, tapping into my strong social media accounts, meeting and networking with people, doing runways and going to castings. This incredibly popular and highly acclaimed fragrance goes big on boldness by way of woody, masculine base notes like cedar and tobacco.

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Expect a downright euphoric aroma that’s as spiritual as it is sensual.Naturally, the best bold and spicy colognes and fragrances for men give off a far superior scent than a glass of tomato juice and vodka. The result is a borderline unisex fragrance that does what a bold cologne does best–divide its audience.And while these spicy colognes might not contain consumable alcohol, their powers of seduction remain nevertheless intoxicating. cranked up the sweet cosmetic heat in the mid-1990s when they introduced their namesake fragrance. Part of the “blue” range from Comme des Garcons, Blue Encens brims with warmth, mystery and exotic allure.Do you think you’re a better model now than before competition? While a lot of the cast were flirting and hooking up, you didn’t do anything on camera. Since he's at the top, that means I can be there, too. What’s one piece of clothing that you love—and why? I love wearing suits and tuxedos every chance I get. How’s modeling now that you’ve gone through the competition? I’m glad I didn't wait to let happen, but worked for it while it aired. I can honestly tell you that when I watched the first few episodes again and looked at my modeling pictures before the show, I cringed. Was there anyone you were attracted to on the show? And he kept asking for shoots with me and kept encouraging me to get into modeling. We’re great friends now, and I owe it a lot to him for believing in me, ​even though it took him years. After the show, people have been telling me that I could pass as David Gandy! If you consider shoes in the clothing category, then I would say my leather boots. I think they enhance my look with whatever I’m wearing! I feel like any Hugo Boss clothing will look good on me and makes me feel more confident and powerful. Sitting back and waiting for success to happen will never work. I believe that confidence comes from eating healthy and going to the gym five times a week. When it comes to modeling, what do you still want to do?

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